PrEParing: PrEP for Providers and Patients (Coursera)

PrEParing: PrEP for Providers and Patients (Coursera)

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Descripción de “PrEParing: PrEP for Providers and Patients (Coursera)”

Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) using the antiretroviral medication emtricitibine/tenofovir approved in countries around the world is a highly effective means of reducing transmission of HIV through sexual encounters and needle sharing. This Johns Hopkins University course PrEPares you with essential information, concepts and practical advice regarding PrEP from leaders in the field. A first of its kind learning opportunity, both providers and patients learn from the same experts through content that meets the needs of both audiences, while facilitating the opportunity for a shared community space.

Lessons for healthcare workers provide background on foundational and cutting-edge research and PrEP guidelines, how to initiate a PrEP program, clinical management and providing culturally sensitive sexual health and primary care to diverse communities.

Lessons for PrEP enthusiasts, PrEP users or the PrEP curious provide information regarding who can benefit from PrEP, how to access services, what to expect and how to stick with your PrEP program long-term.

Who is this class for: This course is for individuals who are interested in gaining a basic understanding about pre-exposure prophylaxis for HIV prevention (PrEP). The Patient lessons are intended for persons considering PrEP for themselves, those already on PrEP as well as their friends, allies and advocates. Healthcare providers interested in patient—level PrEP education should also consider this track. Content is presented to reach a broad audience and prior medical knowledge is not necessary. The Provider lessons are intended for any healthcare worker, from peer navigators, social workers, and case managers to primary care providers and other prescribers interested in real-world implementation in the clinical setting. Persons who do not work in healthcare but are committed to acquiring an in-depth knowledge about PrEP should consider this track as well. A basic understanding of healthcare systems and health-related terms is desirable but not necessary.



Module 1

In this module, we describe PrEP and the evidence from the formative international studies that led to guidelines in the US and abroad recommending its implementation for HIV prevention. For patients, we discuss the importance of assessing your individual need and readiness to begin PrEP. For providers, we present case studies of implementation projects around the world. Please be sure to follow the link on the right below each video to complete a short speaker evaluation. Thanks!

Graded: Based on provider-focused and shared content


Module 2

In this module, we distinguish PrEP from post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP) and when each is most appropriate. We also review what’s in the pipeline for other forms of PrEP medication and modes of delivery. For Providers, we explain the activity of tenofovir/emtricitibine against HIV infection, its general pharmacodynamics and the application of clinical practice guidelines in a community clinic.

Graded: Based on provider-focused and shared content


Module 3

In this module, we review issues related to accessing and navigating the healthcare system that are relevant to priority populations for PrEP, including men who have sex with men (MSM), women, sero-different couples, adolescents, transgender persons, sex workers and persons who inject drugs or experience coercive sex. For patients, content covers self-advocacy and population-focused concerns and resources for PrEP services. For providers, we discuss the need and approach for tailoring PrEP for priority and often under-served communities with cultural humility.

Graded: Based on provider-focused and shared content


Module 4

In this module, we review issues related to accessing PrEP. For providers, we consider how to identify priority populations for PrEP in your service area, discuss the relative costs and outcomes for PrEP as a public health program, key elements of a PrEP business plan and the role of community outreach. For patients, barriers to accessing services are addressed.

Graded: Based on provider-focused and shared content


Module 5

In this module, steps of the first clinic visit are reviewed, including payment for PrEP medication and services, lab work and sexual health assessment. The competencies for performing a thorough and non-judging sexual history, STI screening, and patient education and practical advice to offer clients regarding adherence are discussed.

Graded: Based on provider-focused and shared content


Module 6

In this module, we review considerations for continuing PrEP beyond the first clinic visit, how to think about the quality of PrEP services, and when discontinuation may be appropriate. For patients, topics include medication adherence and risk reduction. For providers, recommendations for management of STIs, screening for and addressing barriers to medication adherence, models of care and case management and clinic retention are reviewed.

Graded: Based on provider-focused and shared content

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PrEParing: PrEP for Providers and Patients (Coursera)
PrEParing: PrEP for Providers and Patients (Coursera)

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